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"Flying Into Yesterday" SURVEY FORM
This survey is intended for use by anyone who has direct experience of, is related to, or has personal information about the Curtiss-Wright Cadettes. PLEASE answer only those questions for which you have concrete knowledge!
I welcome "informants" and actual participants in the Cadette Program to fill in some of the blanks about the Curtiss-Wright Company and how they created (and ran) this training for women - or how they ended it. I especially invite anyone who worked for the company or knows a Curtiss-Wright Cadette to respond. Answers you type on the lines in this document will be automatically sent to me for my cataloguing.
PICTURES: If you also upload a picture of relevance to this story, I will try to include it on the website on my THE CADETTES page so others can enjoy it, too.
VITAL: Please state whether the picture is copyrighted and whether you or someone else owns that copyright.
Upload Photo
Only upload one photo at a time. (5 MB max) Please provide 300 DPI resolution, if possible.
Thank you for taking the time to do this!


This survey form is ONLY for adding information about the Cadettes and/or by the Cadettes (and their descendants).
For comments on the book, please use the feedback form on the 'Contact Page'.

(Sorry, but if you don't fill in the information about yourself your survey will most likely be discarded. I will NOT share this information with anyone else!)
Your Name




1. If you are related to or personally know a Cadette, what is/was her name?
Please include her first and middle name, maiden name, and married name, including husband's full name.

2. If she (or her husband) is still alive, please provide her/his current address and phone number (and if she/he has one)
email address. (If you do not know whether any of these are current, please call or make contact to confirm BEFORE you
send in this form. It will save hours and hours of work on my end.

3. If known, which of the seven participating colleges in the Cadette Program did she study aero-engineering at?
Does she still have her certificate of completion?

4. Which plant or plants did she work in for Curtiss-Wright?

5. What was her job there and how long did she work there?

6. Was she retained after the war for any length of time?

7. Did she use her Curtiss-Wright skills after the war? If so, how?

8. Did she pursue any further employment in the aviation industry or in aeronautical engineering?

9. Is she interested in being interviewed? Is she ambulatory and/or in good health?

10. Would you be willing to sponsor a reading or book signing in your area? If so, do you have contacts or are you willing to
make contacts? (This could be in the form of a writer's home salon/reading in a private residence.) And would you be willing
to take care of local publicity for the reading?

11. Do you have other information about the Curtiss-Wright Cadette Program you would like to share?

12. Have you bought or are you planning to buy the book? If so, what did you think of it? Is there anything you would like to
see added to it in a future edition?

13. Do you have any suggestions for how to make sure women engineers are fully included in the future design of aviation?



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